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The Wild Scallion cooking classes offer a different look on food and the connections we have with food. It offers a different philosophy on how it can be healthy, beautiful and delicious with high nutritional value. How food can be created with ease and love. I welcome you learn and taste the magic of nourishing food.


Choose a main

Sweet and savory classic.
A rich coconut base spicy curry with lots of garlic and lemongrass , cooked with potatoes and yams  
A south Indian dish made with our in house made curry, slow cooked lentils, carrots, onions, garlic and ginger.
Dish of potatoes, yam and carrots cooked in our house curry.
Lima beans and onions in tandoori spices.
Coconut cream, onions, shallots, garlic, nutmeg and paprika over rice noodles
House Made Dehydrated Onion Bread with raw tomato marinara sauce, lettuce, carrot, purple cabbage, cucumber, sliced avocado and hemp hearts
Our slow braised Shiitake mushrooms with honey and ginger.


Choose a grain

add $2
Red quinoa, wild black rice, millet, jasmine rice, lentils cooked with a caraway bay leaf broth) Garnished with green onion compote and dehydrated onion
Garnished with green onion compote and dehydrated onion


Choose a salad

add $3
subtract $2
add 3$
Finely fresh cut green cabbage, purple cabbage & julienne carrots garnished with string beets & green onions


Choose a dressing

garlic, olive oil, sweet basil, salt and pepper
An oiless dressing made with fresh grated ginger, rice wine vinegar and mirin with a hint of sesame oil. A fresh tasting dressing.
Contains fish sauce


Choose a dessert

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